Gamifying Wellness For Your Community

Engage your community with, the all-in-one white-label wellness solution that uses gamification to foster healthier, happier communities. Engage your workforce, students, fans, athletes, or the general public effortlessly.

Why Choose Wellnify?

Wellnify leverages gamification to help your organization increase participation in physical and mental wellness. This simple, co-branded solution, takes the content you’ve already invested in from the depths of your website where it gathers dust, and puts it in a fun and social mobile experience that people will actually want to use!


Happier and Healthier Lifestyles

We believe that making wellness programs fun and social will ensure ongoing engagement and continual movement of the mind and body.

Increased Engagement

Our platform has modernized the way organizations communicate with their people to ensure a high level of engagement. Reward your community members for creating healthy habits.

Lower Medical Costs

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can potentially lower the risks associated with costly medical treatments and long-term care.

How It Works

Customize for your organization

Fully customizable to allow for every app to feel like it was custom built for your community! Simply upload your logo and pick your colour scheme.

Schedule wellness content

Schedule workouts, challenges, educational content, and even wellness centric events to create a daily wellness “to-do list” for your community members. Browse our library of activities or create your own in a few clicks.

Onboard your community

Onboarding your users is as easy as providing them with a QR code. The sign-up process is seamless and has your users in the application within 1 minute!

Let gamification do the rest

Wellnify is built on a framework of gamifying wellness. Our unique system of challenges, badges, augmented reality, and activity-based reward system keeps users engaged and motivated to become the best version of themselves!

Who Do We Work With?


Promote employee wellness, increase productivity, and reduce healthcare costs.

Colleges & Universities

Promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage consistency in exercise routines, and foster a sense of community among students.


Promote regular physical activity and help develop healthy habits among children.

Our clients love us

The support team responded to my request within just a few hours. Their thorough understanding and ability to provide clear instructions for troubleshooting was impressive. It is obvious that the tech support team possesses strong technical knowledge and expertise.
Great support
Lucas Bennett
Wellnify is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for me to customize and personalize every aspect to fit my organization. From colours and fonts to uploading our logo, I was able to create a unique and professional-looking design that perfectly aligned with my brand.
Easy to use
Olivia Parker
I own a fitness YouTube channel with 100k subscribers and Wellnify has been a great tool to engage with my community. The variety of challenges is awesome and comparing scores with others promotes some friendly competition!

Community fitness
Alexander Watts

We make exercise part of the everyday.

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